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Apivar is a chemical mite control that uses amitraz.  Apivar is used in the hive when there are unmanageable levels of varroa mites within the hive.  2 strips are needed for each brood box. Follow directions carefully. We DO NOT ship medications outside of Canada.  

Please indicate package size.

Apivar- 10pk or 50pk


Oxalic acid 99.6% is for the control of Varroa mites in honey bee colonies. Apply in late fall to early spring when monitoring indicates treatment is necessary. Do not use when brood is present.

140g treats approx. 80 colonies, 1kg treats approx. 560 colonies

We DO NOT ship medications outside of Canada.

Oxalic Acid-140g


Oxytet-25 Soluble


Oxytet-25 protects colonies from becoming infected with American Foul Brood and controls European Foul Brood, even when symptoms are present.

Mix with syrup the day of feeding and be protected from foulbrood for up to two weeks.

This package contains 94 treatments. We DO NOT ship medications outside of Canada.

SwarmCatch with Nasanov- Package of 5


SwarmCatch is used to bait an empty hive (or other receptacle) to induce a swarm to settle and be captured.

In nature, Nasonov pheromone is released by bees returning to the hive to tell other bees that this is the right place, to stimulate feeding at an acceptable food source, and to stimulate swarming bees to join the absconding queen in flight to a new hive.

PsuedoQueen with QMP- 5 pk or 50 pk


•Suspended between the frames on a plastic tie tacked onto a frame

•In nature, QMP induces a retinue of workers around the queen. The pheromone is picked up by the workers and distributed throughout the colony, resulting in it being queen right

•Used to inhibit swarming for short periods and to supplement or temporarily replace a failing queen.

•One PseudoQueen consists of a QMP-laden plastic core inside a short PVC tube

•QMP exudes very slowly through the PVC walls of the tube. Attending workers pick it up by contact, and distribute it around the colony, just as they would with a living queen

PseudoQueen has been used successfully by beekeepers for over 20 years, with consistently excellent results.

•The synthetic QMP in PseudoQueens precisely mimics the natural pheromone and is completely safe to both bees and people

Foul Brood is a premixed medication that is cut with powdered sugar.  Used as a treatment for hives with AFB or EFB.  Powder is sprinkled across the top bars.  Follow instructions carefully.

Note: Out-of-stock as of August 17th, new stock arriving August 22nd.

We DO NOT ship medications outside of Canada.

FoulBrood Mix


Double dipped chemical gloves, never worry about a burn again. Comes in Large only.

Chemical Gloves


Our amazing new Varroa Mite counter from France.  No leaks, no mess.  Collect approximately 300 live bees into one side of the shaker.  Into the other side pour 1 cup of blue windshield washer fluid.  Swirl bees in solution for 1 minute to remove all mites.  This will give you an accurate mite count.  You can also use with powdered sugar for a less accurate result, however, you won't kill your bees.

This is a great tool for mite monitoring, every beekeeper should have one as part of regular IPM routine.

Varroa Mite Counter


Formic Acid-1 L or 4L


Mite Away Quick Strips- Available in 2 packs, 10 packs and 25 packs


The easiest and best way to apply Formic Acid to your hive.  Mite Away Quick Strips are now registered for use in Canada.  

This is a formic acid pad that goes straight onto the hive.  The pre-soaked pad releases the formic acid in a 7 day treatment.  Please follow the link to see videos.

Protective gloves must be worn (see Chemical Gloves, on page further down), always follow label instructions.


We DO NOT ship medications outside of Canada.

**All Medications are fresh and stored as per**

manufacturers instructions.

Please note: We DO NOT SHIP formic acid

Apistan is a chemical mite control that uses Fluvalinate.  2 strips needed per brood box.  Follow directions carefully.  We DO NOT ship medications outside of Canada.

Apistan- Pack of 10


Thymovar- 10 Pack


Place two half wafers on the top bars per brood box.

Ideal temperature for treatment between 12 and 30 Celsius. 85% to 95% efficiency. Spring treatment =4 weeks before honey flow. Fall treatment = 6 to 8 weeks (as early as possible). Complementary treatment with Oxalic acid by dripping or sublimation is required. Follow the instructions. Thymovar has also been shown to have an effect on Nosema in recent studies. We DO NOT ship medications outside of Canada.

Fumagilin-B is used for treating Nosema.  Read directions before using.  24 gram container treats 5-6 colonies.  Please select bottle size below. We DO NOT ship medications outside of Canada.

Fumagilin-B-24g, 96g or 454g


Heilyser Vaporizers have been manufactured locally on Vancouver Island since 2001, this product is amazing! A great investment for your mite treatment toolbox!

This vaporizer is the fastest vaporizer available and was developed for beekeepers who care for a large number of hives.

The JB 200 high-speed is powered by a 12-Volt car battery. With this system, it is possible to connect several vaporizers " in line " to treat more than one colony at the time.  Note: You must have a 12-Volt battery to make this work.

Heilyser Vaporizer


Used against Varroa mites and Tracheal mites, 65%. Proper protective clothing is required when applying acids (see Chemical Gloves, on page above). Please choose size below. 1L treats approx. 33 colonies

This product is AVAILABLE FOR PICK-UP only

We DO NOT SHIP FORMIC ACID due to restrictions on shipping dangerous goods


Dri-Loc pads are used for soaking formic acid in, and then applying to hives for mite treatments.  Sold in 50 packs

Dri-Loc Pads-50 pack