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We have all  the necessary medications you may need for your hive


We carry most medications legal for use in Canada.


If you need to replace your queen or need a new package of bees for the spring, we’ve got what you need

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B.C. built wood products with guaranteed quality.

We have all the tools you will need to including:smokers, excluders, traps and swarm traps.

Frames and Foundation

Whole frames & foundations from Acorn Plastics.  We also carry a variety of wax foundations to suit every beekeeper.

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     Mite Away Quick Strips

The easiest Formic Acid Application

  Urban Bee Supplies is your                   

Lower Mainland Distributor

            Click here to find out more info and links to application videos

Urban Bee Supplies gets as many items manufactured in the lower mainland as we can find.  Our main manufacturer resides in Langley B.C.  He is the brains behind our locally made extractors and honey tanks.  If you want to purchase high quality, beautifully made products then check out our stock.  All hand crafted, and made here in Vancouver.  

We are VERY proud of that.  

Books, Posters & Educational Tools Queen Marking & Grafting

Queen Marking & Grafting

If your looking to start grafting queens, or if you’d like to make it easier to find your queen, this is where to look.

Bee Cozies
Keep your bees warm during the winter with these super warm bee cozies
Beekeeping kits at varied price points.

Extracting Equipment, Jars & Tools

Extractors, Filters, uncappers and honey tanks

Extracting & Jars

Caspian Solution

We love this product, find out more here, including recipes.  

Caspian Solution
Honey & Pollen

Honey and Pollen

Local honey and pollen for sale.  

Mason Bees

Mason bees and mason bee houses, locally made right here in Vancouver

*NOTICE: As of January 1st, the Victoria location operates independently of the Delta location, for Victoria order pickups please follow the below link:

Gift Certificates

For the beekeeper that you think has everything, available in any denomination.  

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