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The Backyard Beekeeper, An absolute Beginners Guide, 3rd Edition.  This is the revised and updated edition.  A great book for beginner beekeepers or even for those that have been doing it for years.  This book offers information on everything from hive assembly, to pest management to melting beeswax.  All the students that take our Beginner beekeeping course receive this book for FREE.  Every beekeeper should have a copy!  

The Absolute Beginners Guide to Beekeeping


A great poster to have on hand, clearly displays worker bee tasks, gestation periods of Queens, workers and drones, and a picture display of the larval development.  A must have for any beekeeper. 54 cm X 84 cm.

Life Cycle of the Honeybee Poster- SOLD OUT


Beekeeper Year Poster-SOLD OUT


This is a great poster for any Beekeeper, a yearly look at what needs to be done during each season. 54 cm X 84 cm

Books & Posters

If your EVER wondering about something you find in your hive, this is the book that will identify it.  Every beekeeper should have this book in their library.  Incredibly fascinating,  a great disease bible.

Honey Bee Disease & Pests


In our opinion, this is the best book written for those that want to plant gardens to attract pollinators.  You don't have to own a beehive to help save the bees, do it by planting flowers that feed them!  This book has so many awesome little tidbits, recommended for any gardener or bee enthusiast.

Victory Gardens For Bees