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Hive Equipment and Tools

Standard hive tool used to remove frames, scrap supers and general hive clean-up.

Standard Hive Tool


J type hive tool is great for getting under frames and prying them apart.  The other end is used for cleaning frames and supers. Made of stainless steel.

J type Hive Tool


This uncapping scratcher will never wear out.  It's heavy duty and offers a good grip.  It's sharp angled teeth make it easy to remove the cap off the honey or larvae.  Every beekeeper needs one.  Made from Iron

Heavy duty Uncapping Scratcher



Plastic queen excluder is placed above the brood chamber to keep the queen down.  As a result, the upper frames will be filled with honey and no brood.  The plastic ones can be thrown in the freezer, wax easily snaps off.

Plastic Queen Excluder


The last bee brush you’ll ever buy! This high quality bee brush is made of 3 layers of horse hair bristles and easily removes bees from frames without injuring them.

Standard brush


Stainless Steel Smoker with Shield

A stainless steel smoker is a must have for every beekeeper.  This 4" x 7" American style smoker offers a good quality bellow and a ringed top for easy access with gloves on.


An inexpensive solution to getting the wax caps off honey frames.  Simply immersing in hot water and drag across the honey cap.  Our current knife has a wooden handle.

Uncapping Knife


Metal queen excluder cleaner, just run it up and down your queen excluder and remove all the built up wax.  Easy to use.

Excluder Cleaner


Metal Queen Excluder


Metal queen excluder is placed above the brood chamber to keep the queen down.  As a result, the upper frames will be filled with honey and no brood.  The plastic ones can be thrown in the freezer, wax easily snaps off.


Stainless Steel mouse guard fits on 10 frame supers/bottom boards.  Keeps mice out and allows bees to come and go.  Made in Vancouver.

Mouse Guard

Frame Grip


The frame grip easily clamps onto the top of frames so you can pick them up with ease, right out of the super.

Our new European stainless steel smoker is a step up from our regular smokers, the 9.5 inch barrel smokers with shield offers protection from the heat of the smoking chamber.  Ringed top for easy access with gloves on. Includes a handy removable insert for filling with smoke material.


European Smoker with Shield

A great addition to a frame grip, one with a tool.  Limit the amount of tools you have with this all in one.

Stainless Steel Frame Grip with Tool


Sometimes things wear out or get punctured, this is the inexpensive alternative to buying a whole new smoker. Used for our regular smokers only.  

Replacement Bellow


Cloth Swarm Trap


All you need is a long pole, this swarm catcher is the easiest way to get those bees you can't quite reach.

Used for tightening wires prior to embedding into wax frames.

Wire Crimper


Plastic hive gate for nuc boxes, adjust from full opening to a vented gate for moving.

Plastic Hive Gate


Used to embed wires into wax frames through electrical current heating the wires.  This gives your wax foundations extra stability and longevity.  

Electric Wax Embedder - Temporarily Sold Out



Our propolis mat is the best on the market, just place flat in the freezer, then remove and roll up.  All the frozen propolis cracks off. So simple!

Propolis Mat


Copper eyelets are used for wiring wax foundation.  Available in bags of 100 or 500.  Please specify quantity.

Copper Eyelets-100 or 500 count


Plastic Pollen Trap


Install a plastic pollen trap at the front door to your hive for an afternoon and enjoy the nutritious pollen that you get from the hive.  Great for personal use or for making pollen patties to put back in the hive.  The trap can be installed anytime, but preferably not during high nectar flow. We recommend leaving on for one day and then giving the girls a break, they still need to feed the brood.

Frame Perch


Frame Perch's are the perfect accessory to keep your frames off the ground.  No more resting them up against your supers only to accidentally kick them.  Place the frame perch on the side of your super and start doing your inspection.  Manufactured in Langley B.C.

500g spool of stainless steel wire is used for embedding wax frames into wood frames for stability. A wire crimper and embedder is recommended for these as well.  

Stainless Steel Wire for Embedding


Cardboard Nuc Box


Refractometer - Temporarily Sold Out


This device accurately measures the moisture content of honey.  Honey with high moisture levels will ferment, using it prevents you from opening a bucket of honey and finding that the whole thing has gone bad. There's nothing worse than that!

5 frame cardboard nuc box holds up really well in the rain, provides improved ventilation with wire mesh sides and is all one piece. A very inexpensive alternative to a wooden nuc box, and extremely light. Great backup for swarm catching and luring.

Please note that this item takes up quite a bit of space in a parcel, so shipping costs may be significant.

Never fight with your smoker again!! These smoker pellets stay smoking for your whole inspection, and then some.  Sold in a 2 pound bag.

Smoker Pellets


Reduces pressure on colony from wasps. Fits into the front entrance, and is secured with screws on the side of the hive body. The screen on the front confuses and delays wasps.

Honeybees use entrance at the top. When wasps do find their way in from this entrance it gives guard bees more time to intercept.

Robbing Screen for Wasps


Stainless Steel Smoker with Shield - LARGE

This smoker provides more room for fuel, which is ideal for longer inspections.

This 4" x 9" American style smoker offers a good quality bellow and a ringed top for easy access with gloves on.

Pictured, the large smoker is on the left and the standard on the right.


This electric uncapping knife remains heated throughout the uncapping process, allowing for smooth and easy cuts. This knife will be especially appreciated if uncapping a good number of frames!

Electric Uncapping Knife


Simple tool for embedding wire into wax foundations. Carefully run along your wire, pressing down, to embed into wax.

You will need to do the embedding with the wax foundation flush against a flat surface to prevent breakage.

Manual Wire Embedder (Stud Embedder)