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250ml Jar of Local Honey



Our premium local honey is available now, and only while supplies last.  Honey comes from different locations across the lower mainland with our main yard being in Tsawwassen. Please give us a call for more information on varieties available!

Our honey is un-pasteurized and from non-medicated hives, we don't add anything to our honey, it's pure flower nectar.  Doesn’t get more organic than that!  This honey is ideal for anyone that experiences seasonal allergies.

We are now featuring our BC Honey’s.  The clover is collected from Northern BC and is delicious, with a mild flavor which is familiar to many customers. The blueberry honey is from the Fraser Valley, and has a strong aromatic scent and stronger flavor. Available in both 500g and 1kg jars.

Clover & Wildflower Honey


Pollen is an amazing product from the hive that everyone should be enjoying! It has more protein than any animal product, and contains all the minerals your body requires.  Pollen must be mixed with honey and left to sit in order to get all the nutrients out of it.  All our labels are printed with our 'Bee Bread' recipe, so that you are getting the most out of your pollen and enjoying all the benefits, not just some of them. Available in 2 sizes, please specify below.

Local Bee Pollen


Local Honey & Pollen