Our Bees….that’s what!

What's all the BUZZ about?

JULIA COMMON, BSc and MSc Agriculture // CEO & Chief Beekeeper for Hives for Humanity.

Julia Common is a Master Beekeeper and has been keeping bees since her university days. What started as a summer job became a life long passion which only in the past two years has been fully realized. Hives for Humanity was founded in response to the incredible reception her bees received in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver. Now with over 200 hives and 50 sites throughout Vancouver communities, Julia, as Chief Beekeeper for Hives for Humanity, has a story to share. 
She finds joy in teaching others the art and practice of beekeeping. // // social: @hives4humanity

LINDSAY DAULT, Owner of Urban Bee Supplies Inc. & Urban Bee Honey Farm.

Lindsay Dault is a Master Beekeeper, BCHPA instructor, advisor the Senate on Honeybee health, published beekeeper in Backyard Roots, and a teacher to hundreds of students.  She started Urban Bee Supplies over 6 years ago, when she thought she might get bored being a mom.  She has since relocated her family to Victoria to pursue her dream of running a family farm with her husband.  Urban Bee Honey Farm is their collaboration of both partners hobbies, he does the birds, and she does the bees! A match made in heaven so to speak.

Lindsays passion for beekeeping and teaching is clear when she stands in front of her students.  Her classes are filled with laughter which she believes helps her students retain the information better….and allows for a fun weekend! // // social: @urbanbeesupplies

…Our Instructors are pretty Fantastic too!

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