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Packages, Nucs, Queens & Mason Bees

Installing a package of Arataki honey bees: Video #2

Installing a package of Arataki honey bees: Video #1

Arataki Packaged Bees

We bring our packaged honey bees into Canada from New Zealand in the early spring.  Our shipment will come at the end of March or the beginning of April only.  This year we only have have very limited quantities available.

These packages are unique and easy to use because they come in a tube.  The ease of installation is top notch, and the quality of the bees is beyond anything we’ve seen before.  

The bees are  the newest line of Arataki's Carniolans and have some improved traits that suit the Canadian climate and apicultural business well.

While some suppliers purchase bees and queens from a Co-op of beekeepers, Arataki makes all their own queens.  So you know what your getting, an Arataki born and bred queen, not a queen from someone just giving it a try.

Our packages do cost slightly more than others out there, but there is a reason for that.  Give them a try and you’ll see.  If you want a gentle bee that is amazing at producing honey, then this is where you want your bees from. Unfortunately this might be our last year offering them as the company might be closing their doors.  They have run a very successful company for years and there is no one in the family to take over the business.  So if you’ve always wanted to try the Arataki brand, this is the year to do so.

Please email us with any question you have, we are happy to answer anything.

These pictures are from customers in the summer of 2011, and I have to say, they are amazing!!!!

If you’d like to purchase a package email us at  

Please note: Packaged bees CANNOT be shipped, they must be picked up from our locations in either Delta or Victoria.

We sell out every year, and this year won’t be an exception, especially with limited quantities available.  Reserve your 2017 colony by emailing

Light Valley Chilean Packaged Bees

Light Valley is a new company to us, they run a very tight operation with incredibly strict breeding operations.  They offer a hybrid Carniolan as well, so you will see a lot of the same traits in these queens as you do in the Aratakis. Like Arataki, they also have their own gentics that their working from so you get the same traits threw all queens. Light Valley packages come delivered in  box style packaging.  Installation can be easy with these, and we will provide you with instructions on how to do so.

What makes our packages different from others??

Packaged Bee Disclaimer:

When Packages arrive you will have up to 3 days to pick them up, we cannot hold them any longer.  The sooner they are installed the better.  Purchasers assume responsibility of the livestock once it leaves our shop.  We ensure that the bees are in good health and fed until they are picked up.  Once picked up the purchaser assumes all responsibility of their well being. Urban Bee Supplies is not held liable once they’re handed over to the new owner.

If you have issues with queens please notify us, depending on the issues and circumstances queens might be replaced.  This is at the discretion of our bee broker and not through Urban Bee Supplies.

Please note, that if your queen in dead in the package it is usually because there is already a queen in the package.

Packaged bees & nucleus colonies are now

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Call or email us at / 604-364-1993

Packages, Nucs, Queens & Mason Bees

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Packages, Nucs, Queens & Mason Bees