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Beginner Courses

If you need a little help in the hive, or a lot, but don’t have time to take a weekend course, we’ve got the answer.

Learn how to make products from your hive, it’s easy and fun!

Beeswax Class

Private Beekeeping Help

We offer informative courses geared toward urban beekeepers with little knowledge of the hobby.


Whether you need a new hive tool for today, or your looking to purchase a beginner beekeeping kit for next season, we have what you need in stock and ready to go.  

Our goal is to make beekeeping an accessible hobby that isn’t too hard on your wallet.  We can provide you with all the supplies you need to get started and the knowledge and support to keep your bees alive.

We carry locally made products made right here in Vancouver and across Canada, Including:

The great thing is, we offer competitive pricing, so you don’t need to shop around.  If we don’t have the item you want let us know, and we can get it for you.  We love helping people, and even more so, we love making good people into great Beekeepers. Our Passion is bees and it shows.

We specialize in mail orders, so whether you live in Vancouver or Kelowna, we can get it to you when you need it.  


We teach a variety of bee related classes, all focused on making you understand your new hobby as thoroughly as possible.  We offer 2 day weekend classes, 3 day split classes, overnight dinner packages, wintering wrap up seminars and beeswax  courses.  We also offer private beekeeping at our yard, or at yours.  Perfect for those that don’t have time for a full weekend course, or if your unsure what’s going on in your hive, we can come to your home and go through it with you.  

This year we will be adding other hive related courses to the schedule, so keep an eye on our site for updates.  Or you can join our Mailing list below.


Check out our beekeeping and bee related course page on a regular basis, we will be filling it with exciting classes that keep you learning and expanding your knowledge of the hive.

Packaged Bees, Nucs & Queens

Are you looking for a package of honey bees? Or a nucleus colony? How about locally produced, high quality queens?

Look no further, we offer just what you need.  In the early spring we bring in New Zealand Arataki packaged bees and queens, then in the late spring we offer locally produced nucs.  Throughout the summer we are the place to look for a constant source of local queens.  We won’t sell anything we don’t love.  

Get your bees from a reliable, dependable supplier.  Our stock is always fresh and we believe in all the products we sell, otherwise we wouldn’t sell them.  

Mailing List

Stay on top of what's happening at Urban Bee Supplies, including seasonal sales, package and nuc availability, queen stock, new products.  With every mail out you will get a Seasonal Tip, perfect for new beekeepers, or those that need a little reminder every now and then!

Packages, Nucs, Queens & Mason Bees

Mason Bees

We love our honey bees, but did you know that mason bees pollinate 60 times more efficiently than a honey bee…..It makes you wonder why more of us don’t keep them.

We carry locally raised mason bees, along with the best Mason Bee houses and Chalets a bee has ever seen.

Find out more about what we have to offer here

Caspian Solution

Vancouver's biggest kept secret, Caspian Solution.  An amazing pheromone based product that is fed to the bees throughout the season.  Developed in Iran, Hossein Yeganehrad has brought it to Vancouver.  Some of BC’s largest apiaries use this solution to build up their apiaries, and when a commercial beekeeper believes in a treatment that is non-medicinal it says something.  We offer the solution on it’s own, or you can buy it as a kit.  We offer recipes to make a single dose, or 100.  To find out more about Caspian Solution and the benefits of using it, click here. (Link unavailable at this time)

Bee Supplies

A full line of beekeeping supplies at reasonable prices.  


Urban Bee Supplies is proud to be working with Regional Recycling to lower our customers carbon footprint, and to bring bee hives into commercial areas.  We have 3 hives at the Regional Recycling Richmond Locations and 5 hives at the Regional Recycling Cloverdale location.  Look on the roofs to see the bees buzzing around pollinating the beautiful gardens they have put in to support honey bees and natural pollinators alike. Regional makes a great service possible to all our customer, and that’s a free pickup location at all of the depots.

Support Local Business    

All of our basic hive equipment is manufactured here in B.C. With local wood purchased from local retailers.  All wooden ware is made in Canada.  We proudly produce as many products in vancouver, including beautiful honey tanks, extractors, frame perches, frame rests, cover cloths…the list goes on,

Click here to see local business that can  help you with other areas of beekeeping.

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