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Please call us at 604-364-1993 for all Queen Sales inquiries.

Queens must be paid in full to hold a reservation.  

Cancellations of queens after purchase incurs a $10 fee.  

Please read the below disclaimer before purchasing queens.

Queen Bee Sales Disclaimer

Once queens are picked up by a customer they become the responsibility of that customer. We guarantee that queens leave our shop alive and in good health. We cannot guarantee queens won’t be superseded by a colony or that she will be accepted.  This is the sole responsibility and or risk of the purchaser.

If queens are mailed via Canada Post they’re mailed solely at the purchasers risk.  

We recommend all queens be picked up in shop whenever possible.


Call or email us at / 604-364-1993

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Local queens are available, genetic traits change as per the breeder.  Call to see what we have in stock.  We usually have a wait list for queens, there is a potential for up to a 2 week wait during breeding season.


Queens are available to be shipped; shipping rate is $28 flat rate. If your order needs to be shipped and we’ve confirmed that we can supply you,you may place your order through the website, and email to let us know you need the item shipped. We will then send an invoice for the cost of shipping. Queens are shipped express via Canada Post.