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Queen Marking Pens


Save time of hunting for your queen by marking her.  Each pen denotes a year so you always know how old your queen is.  Priced per pen.

Blue (0,5) White(1,6) Yellow(2,7) Red(3,8) Green (4,9)  

Queen Rearing and Marking

If your just learning how to mark your queens or if you have shaky fingers, don't risk hurting her, use a plunger to secure her.  Leave her in the cage for 2 minutes after marking to ensure the paint dries.

Queen Plunger


This grafting tool uses a fine bamboo as the base and is spring loaded, making it easy even for a beginner. The easiest way to get eggs, or larvae's and royal jelly from the bottom of cells.

Chinese Grafting Tool


Find your queen and keep her safe while doing hive inspections and splits.  It's easy to pick her up, and relatively hard to hurt her with this handy device.

Queen Catcher-Stainless Steel


Find the queen and put this on top of her, quickly mark her and be on your way.

Queen cage for marking


Plastic queen cage comes with a 1/2 inch space for candy and a removable plastic tab. Sold in packs of 10

Plastic Queen Cage (10 pack)


3 pack queen rearing set.  Try your hand at making your own queens.

Queen Rearing Set (pack of 3)