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“Since taking a weekend Beekeeping course with Lindsay back in early 2013, I have been hooked!

Hooked on bees, beekeeping, honey and anything bee related – I also took Lindsay’s creams and lotions class to get the basics on making skin care products.

After that first course I bought a couple nucs -  Lindsay was right on hand to answer my many questions, clarify and ease any stresses I had that first year and every year since.

I have since added additional nucs, packages of bees, and queens to maintain 10-12 hives.

Urban Bee Supplies has been my one stop shop for not only the bees, but the complete wooden hive ware, frames, tools, clothing and extraction equipment.

I sell honey locally to Farmers Markets and I take advantage of Lindsay’s bulk purchase of jars and packaging products.

I love sharing and running concepts by Lindsay –she’s a wealth of knowledge, a great sounding board and voice of reason for some of my wacky ideas!

Thanks Lindsay and team for all you do…”

-Kathy Moes from MoesyOnAcres

“When I think of Urban Bee Supplies, I think of convenience and efficiency .  As a rural beekeeper who lives  3 hours away from a bee supplies retailer I really appreciate knowing that when I need something sooner than later I can phone or email my order to Urban Bee Supplies and they will deliver it to Whistler, a 45 minute drive for me rather than a 3 hour drive.  I have recommended Urban Bee Supplies to many beekeepers in the Pemberton/Whistler area for the very  reason that I just mentioned - convenience and efficiency.   

I also really appreciate that there is such a large selection of supplies available. I  have not had to look anywhere else for what I need since I started shopping at Urban Bee Supplies.”

-Delores Franz Los, Pemberton B.C. 

“Ms. Lindsay Dault and Urban Bee Supplies have been an extremely important resource for me as I started my adventure into beekeeping.  Lindsay has provided me with training and the very best beekeeping equipment as I experience both my triumphs and my losses in this exciting hobby.  I continue to use Lindsay and her team for equipment and expertise and without a doubt, they are my preferred supplier for everything bee related.”

-Todd Walter, West Vancouver, B.C.

“I have had the pleasure of dealing with Lindsay at Urban Bee Supplies since I finally acted on my childhood love of bees, and became a beekeeper in 2013.

I truly enjoy my relationship with Lindsay and her company.  She has a quick wit, is delightfully cheeky, and really knows her bees.  I would recommend her and Urban Bee Supplies to any aspiring or current beekeepers.”

-Delwen Stander, Majuba Hill, Chilliwack, B.C.”

“She is not motivated by money, but a passion for the art

The owner is genuine and honest in her answers, and has never guided me in the wrong direction

As a person new to beekeeping, the owner was more than helpful in offering guidance and suggestions for how I should deal with issues that may come up with my new hive.  She is very knowledgeable, and has a customer service mentality.

With urban bee supplies, I am not just a number.  

When I first got into beekeeping, I made a great deal of mistakes.  Urban bee helped get me back on track, with the in depth knowledge that I did not have.”

-Stephen Luciak, Vancouver, B.C.

“From my first steps as a newbie beekeeper Lindsay has been there for me. For years she has been a great teacher and mentor providing sage advice, helping me to identify the first signs of disease, patiently answering my frantic "I think they are swarming" to my "OMG Can you come over and  check, I think they killed the Queen" phone calls.  Lindsay and Urban Bee Supplies ROCK!”

-Brenna Carbonell, East Vancouver, B.C.

“I attended Urban Bee Supplies’ beginner course with zero knowledge of apiculture. After the exciting 2 days of hands-on learning, I was confident starting my own apiary and teaching my friends, family or anyone who would listen about bees. Lindsay is a patient, kind and resourceful source of expertise. I highly recommend Urban Bee Supplies for their training, quality of products and continued support of my new passion for beekeeping.”  

-Ben Stoddard, Vancouver, B.C.

"Over the last few years beekeeping has become a serious passion of mine and it is owed in large part to Urban Bee Supplies.The equipment they supply is fantastic but even more notable is the customer service. Most of my beekeeping knowledge comes from Lindsay who is always happy to share her expertise and advice. Beekeeping provides endless learning opportunities and Urban Bee Supplies has always been there to help me along the way."

-Garrett Kean, Vancouver B.C.

"After taking the Beginner Beekeeping course at Urban Bee Supply three years ago, I am constantly amazed at the customer support that I continue to receive. Whenever I have a question or problem with my hives, Lindsay is there to help me out with the advice or supplies I need to get sorted. 

I've ordered from other companies in the past, but the only I use now and strongly recommend (to ANYONE even slightly interested in beekeeping) is Urban Bee Supplies as the quality, price and customer support can't be beaten anywhere."

-Tiffany Bader,Ladner B.C.

"Urban Bee Supplies, and in particular, Lindsay Dault, really know the bee business.  Several years ago we attended one of Lindsay's weekend Beginner Beekeeping courses, ordered up our hive materials and some bees.  We've never looked back!  Through all of our ups and downs, observations and head-scratchers of questions and conundrums, Lindsay has always been willing to provide support and very knowledgeable advice.  The quality and reliability of her wisdom is matched by that of her product.  We have never been disappointed and feel very lucky to know that Lindsay is always just an email or phone call away."  

-Sharon Newman, Larry McPherson and Barnabas, Keats Island B.C.

"Lindsay and the Urban Bee Supplies team helped me make my dream of becoming a beekeeper a reality.  I took the 3 day split beginner beekeeping course which equipped me with the knowledge and skills to successfully get through my first summer (and produce 40 lbs of honey!). The classes are perfectly timed so the skills I learned could be directly applied to my bees.  One of my hives swarmed and the staff at Urban Bee was able to talk me through how to successfully deal with them.  I captured the swarm and was able to expand my apiary.  I also took the wintering course with Lindsay and with her assistance am confident that my bees will make it through the winter.  An added bonus is that Lindsay is hilarious and the class is formatted to be informal and comfortable.

 I’ve bought all my supplies from Urban Bee and have been completely happy with everything I’ve bought.

Beekeeping is intimidating – there’s a lot to learn and a lot at stake – but having Lindsay and her team to help me through the process has been invaluable and has helped to make beekeeping a whole lot of fun!"

-Meghan Carter, North Vancouver B.C.

“Lindsay is a very enthusiastic and a well educated bee keeper. She is always more than happy to lend a hand, or to help with any questions one might have. She teaches some awesome bee courses as well as a fantastic course on making lotions using bee wax and honey. Lindsay's business "The Urban Bee Supply" has everything that one needs to become a bee keeper. I feel very confident in recommending Lindsay for all your Honey Bee needs. She is a great lady with a wealth of knowledge!”

-Virginia Hallett, Chilliwack BC.

“Lindsay and Urban Bee Supplies have been a fabulous contact for me while first learning about bee keeping, taking courses, and getting good sound advice.  Lindsay offers great quality items, good, honest advice and very fast shipping.   Good advice and fabulous people! I highly recommend them!!! “

-Judy and Craig Bird, High Valley Ranch, Abbotsford B.C.

 “Two years ago my wife and I took Lindsay’s 2 day basic beekeeping course. It was one of the best things we ever did. She taught us so many mistakes that we where about to make. No doubt we would have spent so much and had poor results if we went on our own. Lindsay answered all our questions and sent us in the right direction. Lindsay is a wealth of information and a very good teacher. I recommend her bee classes to everyone. “

-Ross Rehnby, Abbotsford B.C.

“If you like the idea of honey bees, but have absolutely no idea where to start .... then the Urban Bee Supplies team is the place to start and continue your backyard beekeeping experience. From education (I took the beginner beekeeper class in spring 2015), to mentoring (panicked phone calls because I thought my bees were swarming), to supplies (for the essentials like hives, or fixing the absent minded omission like ordering a bucket for extracting honey.....), to ordering a package of bees to start your hive (fantastic customer service through to advice on installing them). With a warehouse to stock most things, you know that you likely will find most things you need for your hobby when you remember that you need it. Their training center is also hands on to get the most out of your time with them. I can't recommend the Urban Bee Supplies folks for the supplies and service. They will keep you going and are a great sounding board when you have questions.”

-Lee Rivett, North Vancouver B.C.

Beekeeping provides endless learning opportunities and Urban Bee Supplies has always been there to help me along the way…

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