FL2604 Foxgloves - Purple

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FL2604  Foxgloves - Purple

FL2604 Foxgloves - Purple

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Digitalis purpurea. Tubular, nodding flowers are often speckled and tumble on husky spires to 2m (6') tall. They are welcome in the border, woodland, or whenever they randomly self-sow. Foxglove flowers late spring to summer, and may flower again from the tops of the stems in late summer or fall. Sow Foxgloves Digitalis seeds indoors in late winter for flowers the first year. Transplant to naturalize at the back of the border. Foxgloves thrive in moist, shady areas, but can stand full sun if they are kept watered. Each plant produces thousands of tiny seeds - to avoid self sowing, cut the stalks down as soon as flowering has finished.

All parts of the Foxglove plant are poisonous.


    • Biennial
    • Tubular, nodding flowers
    • Flowers late spring to summer
    • Thrives in moist, shady areas
    • Husky spires to 2m (6') tall

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