FL2057 Poppies - Pizzicato

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FL2057  Poppies - Pizzicato

FL2057 Poppies - Pizzicato

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Papaver oreintale. Pizzicato poppy seeds produce a superb semi-dwarf mix of red, scarlet, orange, salmon, mauve, rose, pink, and white. The large, cup-shaped flowers are 15-20cm (6-8") in diameter. Expect up to twenty flowers per plant, followed by attractive seed pods from which seeds can easily be harvested. Pizzicato oriental poppy seeds are best direct sown in fall or mid-winter, and grow to a height of 50cm (19"). The flowers appear on stiff stems that stand up well in windy areas. This Oriental poppy mix blooms in June and July, after spring bulbs have faded, but before the arrival of summer flowers. After flowering, seed heads dry and the foliage fades away entirely, returning with autumn rains. This poppy is a good choice for xeriscaping, and it's deer resistant to boot.


    • Perennial
    • Large, cup-shaped flowers
    • Mix of attractive colours
    • Semi-dwarf mix
    • Height to 50cm (19")

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