FL3106 Poppies - Shirley Double Mix

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FL3106  Poppies - Shirley Double Mix

FL3106 Poppies - Shirley Double Mix

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Papaver rhoeas. Vivid red, pink, salmon, and white blooms come in singles and doubles atop 80cm (31") stems. Sow Shirley Double Mix poppy seeds at two week intervals from late February to mid-April for flowers from mid- to late summer. These poppies will self sow, and they look spectacular in mass plantings. All parts of the plant are mildly toxic, and acrid enough that they avoid damage from grazing deer. The flowers have a very delicate appearance, but the plants are actually quite tough. If you sear the cut end right away with a match, these poppies will last quite a long time as cut flowers. Rely on Shirley Double to self sow without becoming weedy.

Hardy Annual

    • Hardy annual
    • Vivid, multi-colour blooms
    • Single and double flowers
    • Height to 80cm (31")
    • Good as cut flowers

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