FL3086 California Poppies - California Orange

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FL3086  California Poppies - California Orange

FL3086 California Poppies - California Orange

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Eschscholzia californica. This is the true orange single California poppy, and the state flower of California. California Orange California poppy seeds are great in wild looking beds, the colour is intensified when grown near anything purple. Eschscholzia californica is a wildflower native to Mexico and California, where it is the state flower. It thrives in arid regions and is substantially drought tolerant so it is a very good choice for xeriscaping. This plant can eject the seeds from its dried seed pods a surprising distance, so they may self sow in favourable conditions. But it is not listed as a noxious weed, and is easily controlled if it seems to be getting out of hand. Its unusual Latin name is in honour of the German botanist Johann Friedrich von Eschscholtz.

Hardy Annual (HA) - it may overwinter in Zones 8-10

    • Hardy annual
    • The true orange poppy
    • Good for xeriscaping
    • Intense orange colour
    • Deer resistant

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