Clover - White Dutch Clover CC200

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Clover - White Dutch Clover  CC200

Clover - White Dutch Clover CC200

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Trifolium repens. Perennial. White Dutch clover does best from spring or fall sowing, and it will overwinter even in Zone 4, down to -34°C (-29°F). It spreads by underground runners that call for more thorough tillage in the spring. Allow two weeks for this clover to break down in the soil. 500g of White Dutch Clover cover crop seeds covers approximately 404m2 (4,350 ft²).

Are chafer beetles causing your lawn grief in early spring? Consider replacing your lawn with White Dutch clover, or at least inter-planting with your grass seeds. This clover is very hardy, and will stand up to foot traffic. It can be mowed with regular lawnmowers.

(Open-pollinated seeds)

    • Perennial
    • Low growing
    • Easy to till under
    • Use 5kg (11 lbs) per acre
    • Open-pollinated seeds

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