Carniolin Queens from Pope Canyon

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Carniolin Queens from Pope Canyon

Carniolin Queens from Pope Canyon

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These carniolin queens are brought in for us, and originate from Pope Canyon.

We brought these in for the first time last year and received very positive feedback. Here is an excerpt from Pope Canyon's website:

"The main roots of our queens are Carniolans. PCQ got an heritage of genes that have been naturally selected in isolated mating station in Quebec, Canada since 30+ years. PCQ is also adding/importing genes that carry desired behaviors or specific characteristic to our livestock every year, making sure of a diversification of the genes pool in California and a high-quality queen bee. After many years, improving our selection, PCQ is proudly breeding a standard of quality and not a color of queen bee."
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Delivery dates at bottom of page.

Ordering a Larger QTY? If the website won't let you check-out it may be due to insufficient queens left to reserve. Please contact us as we are often able to increase our orders with sufficient notice. We typically will need to make a special order if you are looking for 40+ queens, especially in the 100+ range. We also can often arrange special orders for different dates; if you are looking for a larger quantity of queens, please don't hesitate to ask us.
Available for Pick-up or Shipping (throughout BC & Yukon only at this time). You will typically have 1-2 days to pick-up your queens once they arrive. For shipping, we will typically wait until the following Monday to send them via Canada Post. This is to prevent the queens from being untended in the mail stream over the weekend. We will bank queens if it is appropriate.
All queens shipped via vented boxes designed specifically for queen transport, clearly labelled with contents of box and handling instructions. However, please be aware that there is no insurance for live bee shipments and customer assumes all risk. Queens always ship separate from other products.
Shipping rates:
<40 Queens = $40, regardless of quantity
40+ Queens = Additional shipping costs may apply depending on your location. We can provide an exact quote if needed.
NOTE: This rate is per queen delivery. (Ex: If you add 2x queen types and/or delivery dates to the cart, your freight rate will be $80 for the queens.)


General Note on Queen Ordering: We recommend checking out with only one form of live bee reservation at a time and to order equipment/supplies on a separate order. This helps minimize customer confusion regarding when products are available for pick-up, when and which products are shipping, the price for shipping of products versus queen shipping, etc. If you are getting your queens shipped, please note that the Canada Post charge will apply for each Delivery date.


Current Schedule:

Important Note: All dates are tentative and subject to change, especially if you are reserving early. Changes and cancellations can happen last minute due to the nature and risks of livestock production and transportation, however we will always provide as much notice as possible. In cases of cancelled deliveries, we will attempt to substitute the same queen option or another one where possible. Please take listed gates as an approximate guide until you receive an email or call from us with pick-up and shipping dates.

** Last updated March 21st, 2023 **

Please note that after May 4th there is a chance we will get more Pope Canyon queens, but at this point it is not confirmed. However, we expect for Carniolin Queens from Olivarez to begin arriving after the week of May 8th.

Delivery 1: ETA April 13th
Delivery 2: ETA April 20th
Delivery 3: ETA April 27th
Delivery 4: ETA May 4th

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