FL3141 Poppies - Iceland

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FL3141  Poppies - Iceland

FL3141 Poppies - Iceland

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Papaver nudicaule. The Iceland Poppy is a hardy, but short-lived perennial, grown as a biennial in Coastal gardens. Either way, they self sow readily, so will last for years at a time. The large, cup shaped blooms have a texture like crepe paper and appear in a range of subdued pastel colours - apricot, gold, tangerine, and white. Sow Iceland Poppy seeds in early spring or late fall where they are to grow permanently. The flower stalks grow to around 30c (12") tall, and are among the longest-lasting poppies as cut flowers. They are highly attractive to honeybees and bumblebees, with seeds that are easy to collect and disperse. Unlike the California Poppy, this variety usually remains where it was planted. All parts of the plant are mildly toxic, but acrid enough that animals will not eat them.


    • Perennial
    • Delicate and bright
    • Hardy, but short lived
    • Deer resistant
    • Papaver nudicaule

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