Screened Bottom Board with Side Drawer

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Screened Bottom Board with Side Drawer

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Our screened bottom board comes with a removable side drawer so you can easily do mite checks and check treatment efficacy. Also provides great ventilation on those hot days. Extra replacement drawers available for purchase separately.

Made in Canada.

ON SALE TO CLEAR - Screened Bottom Boards with Tight Fitting Bottom Tray:

We have a small number of screened bottom boards where the gap for the sliding tray is slightly too tight. Our standard screened bottom has a gap of 2.2 cm, and the bottom tray slides in and out smoothly and easily. The bottom boards on clearance have a 1.8 cm gap, and while it can be opened and closed, it requires more force to do so. We have decided that rather than let these go to waste, we will make them available at a significant discount.

This is a great opportunity for a customer who doesn't mind using a bit of muscle to open and close the bottom board, who doesn't generally use the bottom tray, who doesn't mind modifying the bottom board or the tray, or who plans to just keep the bottom board shut and rarely use the bottom sliding tray.

WEIGHT: 2.3 kg DIMENSIONS: 56 x 42 x 10.15 cm SKU: BB05SC