FL3453A Wildflowers - Partial Shade Mix - 5g

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FL3453A   Wildflowers - Partial Shade Mix - 5g

FL3453A Wildflowers - Partial Shade Mix - 5g

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For those hard-to-establish areas that are shaded; this mix will work very well with about 40% sunshine. All flowers do best in full sun, but the ones in this Partial Shade Mix will flourish and prosper with filtered sun. Partial Shade Mix wildflower seeds are made up of eighteen species, of which annuals make up approximately 55% and the perennial/biennials make up 45%. This mix grows to a height of 60-75cm (24-30"). Recommended rate of application: 141g per 1,000 square feet. Loosen the surface of the soil by lightly raking the area; then, sprinkle the contents of this package on soil. Water and keep the area damp until the seedlings appear, and then enjoy a grand display of blooms all summer long.

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Blend Ingredients.

    • Annuals, perennials and biennials
    • Grows to 75cm
    • Suitable for containers
    • Attract beneficials

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