Urban Bee Supplies Joins the West Coast Seeds Family

Urban Bee Supplies Joins the West Coast Seeds Family

Urban Bee Supplies is joining the West Coast Seeds Family!

Urban Bee Supplies & West Coast Seeds will be hosting a free celebratory education event on August 1st! Full details on this event below: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/bees-seeds-a-love-story-tickets-65468583295

Urban Bee Supplies is joining the West Coast Seeds family and we couldn’t ask for a better match! The world of bees & seeds is closely related, and we are excited about taking part in this new adventure.

For Urban Bee it will be business as usual in selling honeybees, beekeeping supplies & education online and out of our warehouse and retail location in Ladner, BC. Jonathan, Jen and Heather will still provide you with the great products and services you have come to expect and Lindsay will continue to offer educational workshops concentrated in the area of beekeeping while tending to her honey and gift store on Vancouver Island. As part of the West Coast Seeds family, Urban Bee will continue to sell the highest quality beekeeping supplies and provide knowledge that supports the growth of beekeepers and the bee population. Urban Bee strives to present products & education that can be implemented in an effort to raise bees in an ethical and straightforward manner.

To celebrate Urban Bee Supplies & West Coast Seeds will be hosting a FREE education event at the West Coast Seeds warehouse in Ladner on August 1st. Speakers Lindsay Dault & Brian Campbell will be discussing planting pollinator friendly plants and the basics of beekeeping, and then will guide us through a live honey extraction (followed by honey tasting, of course!). To sweeten the deal attendees will receive coupons for 10% off most products from both Urban Bee Supplies & West Coast Seeds* for a limited time. For more information please see: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/bees-seeds-a-love-story-tickets-65468583295.

*Terms & conditions will apply. Possible restrictions may apply on some products.

About Urban Bee Supplies

Urban Bee provides beekeeping supplies, support, education and expertise to beekeepers, and those interested in the greater understanding of the hive. The Company does it with the purpose of supporting the growth of healthy colonies across the country and raising the understanding of the honey bee as a whole. The Company supports commercial and urban beekeepers to increase the biological diversity within our cities and farmlands. Urban Bee makes good people great beekeepers.

About West Coast Seeds

Since 1983, West Coast Seeds has sought to meet the growing needs of home gardeners and market farmers alike. Following the traditions of organic farming and gardening, untreated and certified organic seeds are our focus. Today we offer over 1,000 varieties of untreated, non GMO, non GEO, open pollinated, and hybrid seeds as well as a wide range of quality gardening supplies. West Coast Seeds is committed to helping pollinators, providing education and products that allow bees to thrive. We are excited to add another brand to our family.

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